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Tips and Tricks

Just a few suggestions to help get the best use out of XNACC.
  1. Have your game code pre-load the console's runtime environment by supporting an autoexec.xnacc script file that your app automatically loads into the console during initialization. That way, you will not have to keep setting up things like functions, bindings, loading ExFuncs, etc.
  2. Save and restore console state for debugging purposes, as the above autoexec suggestion and restoring of saved state can overlap.
  3. Add the nobindings, nofunctions, and noexfuncs commands to the end of your startup scripts to help lock down the console.
  4. Remember that starting a script line with a bang (exclamation point) causes the line to NOT get echoed in the console's log.
  5. If the first line of a script file is a double-bang line (!!), then ALL lines in the file will NOT get echoed to the console's log.

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