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Here are some screenshots showing the console in action. Note that in the game shown here, the console is has been extended with additional commands (e.g. wave and timewarp), and is being used as a general logging facility for the game's object managers. The console is tightly integrated with the game shown and can do things like affect the behavior of enemies, waves, levels, etc.

The _> character pair is used as the console's prompt, which can be customized. The red caret (^) character which is barely visible in the upper right hand side of the console's area indicates that lines are available to be scrolled back, and when scrolling a red "v" character is shown on the lower RHS to indicate you can scroll forward.

Text in blue is logged console commands, red shows error messages, yellow shows warning/informational messages and white is standard logged output.

The third screenshot actually demonstrates one of XNACC's bugs. If you look closely at the line-wrapped text, one of the lines starts with a space. I just never got around to trimming the resulting wrapped lines!





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