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Project Description
XNACC is a component that adds an interactive command console to your XNA project. It supports many built-in commands, as well as custom commands...


The code for the XNA Command Console originated with the XNA Console Component Sample, by Kevin Jurkowski. The code was originally obtained from the ZiggyWare site ( back in '09. Other versions of the original code, or pages that mention it, can be found at the following locations:


Quite a few enhancements have been made to the code since then. Some of the highlights are:
  • Abstraction into an extendable base class
  • Expanded keyboard support, and encapsulation of keyboard input providers
  • Built-in commands
  • Colorizing of console output
  • Command history and completion
  • Scrollable log/output
  • Support for "hidden" (secret) commands and functions
  • Custom functions (basically macros that support parameters)
  • External functions (implemented in a .NET assembly)
  • Key bindings
  • Addition of dynamic Console Variables (cvars)
  • Ability to lock-down functions, bindings and external functions (to prevent tampering with a released game)
More details are available in the documentation.

The code should be immediately usable in its current state, although I am making enhancements and/or changes as time allows. I plan to create a sample game project that demonstrates what the Command Console can do.

Changes were made by James R. Twine of JRTwine Software, LLC.

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